Youth Congress vows to resolve plight of unemployed Indians, seeks creation of NRU

JAMMU, Jan 31: J&K Youth Congress called for the creation of a ‘National Register for Unemployment’ (NRU) and demanded that the Centre disclose data on jobs created during the last six months.
Briefing media persons here today, Uday Chib, J&K President Youth Congress, said that Modi government has failed on job front.
“Unemployment rate has reached its highest point in 45 years while the Centre is busy trying to divert attention from grave issues like falling GDP growth by introducing the controversial law CAA,” Chib said.
The Modi government had promised to create two crore jobs for youths, but on the contrary over 3.64 crore people have been rendered jobless during the BJP regime, he said. He claimed that the national rate of unemployment has gone up to 7.6 per cent, while this incidence in Jammu and Kashmir has far better during the tenure of Congress government.
The Youth Congress has started a campaign in support of the demand to create an NRU, raising the issue of ever- increasing unemployment, Chib added.
“Unemployed students, out of work labourers and distressed farmers have erupted in protests, all over the nation, against this government’s inability. But, instead of acknowledging their concerns, the government has treated them with complete indifference and has even resorted to silencing their voices with brute force. By passing highly problematic laws like Demonetisation and the GST, this government is focused on promoting its polarising agenda instead of generating employment, by highlighting issues like the NRC and CAA,” Chib asserted.
“Unemployment in the country is at its peak in the last 45 years. Youths are committing suicide because of economic recession and massive unemployment. Despite all these pressing problems Prime Minister says everything is fine but the youth, women, poor are telling this government that nothing is fine,” he said, adding that from 2004 to 2010 when the world was reeling under heavy recession, our economy survived and unemployment was always kept under control.
“International crude oil prices touched 150 dollars per barrel yet the Congress government was selling fuel at between Rs 40 to 50. Now the International crude oil prices are at half price of what it was in 2009, but Modi government is selling fuel at the highest prices ever. This is Modi made Recession. Economy is crippling, but to deviate from the said pressing problems Modi Government is coming out with issues like CAA and NRC,” he said.
The Youth Congress is determined to bring and resolve the plight of unemployed Indians, through the National Register of Unemployed.
Starting from January 23, any and every unemployed Indian can register themselves in the NRU, by giving missed call on a toll-free number – 8151994411, Chib said.
“The number of people giving the missed calls will be constantly maintained and updated in the NRU. This register will reflect the true volume of Indians who are suffering from unemployment due to this government’s inept and incompetent policies,” he added.
Ajaz Choudhary VP JKPYC , Ricky Dalotra and Sahil Singh Langeh General Secretaries JKPYC were the other youth congress leaders who were present on the occasion .

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