Vibodh flags off Kailakh Rath to aid Priests

JAMMU, Apr 18: In the wake of lockdown all temples, pilgrimage, religious ceremonies, rituals & activities are closed. Priests, scholars astrologers and religious men are in urgent need of assistance.
Providing much-needed assistance to this section of society, BJP General Secretary Vibodh Gupta(former MLC) flagged off Kailakh Rath which will distribute relief materials among them.
Shri Kailakh Jyotish Avim Vedic Sansthan Trust with the support of Sunil Sharma prepared a kit including essentials comprising rice, oil, sugar, salt etc to be distributed among religious men, priest and astrologers. Vibodh Gupta lauded the efforts of President of the trust Mahant Rohit Shastri and businessman Sunil Sharma for providing much-needed assistance to them.
While interacting with the Priests and religious men, Vibodh appealed them to pray for the good health of PM Narendra Modi who is leading the nation from the front.
He also appealed to pray for doctors, nurses, policemen, Safaikaramcharis, essential service providers and other frontline warriors. He assured them that during this tough time, he stands with them and will press the higher authorities to release a compensation package in their favour.
Vibodh further said that India is religiously and seriously fighting against the coronavirus. He strongly asserted that Indian culture and ethos such as the practice of offering Namaste and promoting vegetarian food has kept our immune system strong which is vital to fight this deadly virus.
He applauded priests and guardian of Indian culture and ancient civilization.
Speaking on the occasion Mahant Rohit Shastri said, “This Rath is meant to provide assistance to religious men which will reduce pressure on them during the pandemic depression”.
He strongly asserted that India will positively emerge from the coronavirus and will lead the world order in future. He appealed everyone to contribute their level best to fight COVID-19 and follow lockdown. Sunil Sharma also spoke on the occasion and highlighted various key points and precautions to be followed to reduce and check Covid19 spread.

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