Tricolour should be hoisted on all official buildings,vehicles of constitutional
authorities: UDA 

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JAMMU, Oct 25: UnitedDemocratic Alliance condemned the statement of former Chief Minister and PDP PresidentMehbooba Mufti on Tricolour, asking her to desist from making provocative andirresponsible remarks on the National Flag. In a statement issued heretoday, Rajiv Mahajan, Convenor UDA said that before the abrogation of Article370 Jammu and Kashmir was the only state in India that had a separate stateconstitution and a separate state flag. But now after repealing of Article 370,Jammu and Kashmir has been Union Territory with One Flag and One Nation, hesaid.“The abrogation of the specialstatus of Jammu and Kashmir paves way for the idea of One Nation, One Flag. TheIndian Tricolour is the only flag hoisted in Jammu and Kashmir and the sameshould be hoisted on all official buildings and vehicles of constitutionalauthorities,” he said.Mahajan said that Mufti’sstatement on the National Flag is highly provocative and irresponsible. “Shehas hurt the patriotic sentiments of people,” he said, adding that suchstatements are intolerable and unacceptable in any society.“National Flag is the symbolof the honour and dignity of the country and reminds people of the sacrificesof crores of Indians to achieve freedom and protect the country’s dignity,honour and territorial integrity. It is obligatory on every citizen as well ason every constitutional authority to maintain the sanctity of, and respect, theNational flag in terms of the constitutional provisions,” he said, adding thatif anybody who contravened or went against the constitutional position withregard to the hoisting of the National Flag would invite action under law.“Mehbooba Mufti shoulddesist from making such outrageous utterances to hurt the sentiments of everyIndian,” Mahajan said.Mahajan urged the LtGovernor to give suitable directions to the Union Territory Government of Jammuand Kashmir to hoist the National Flag on all official buildings and vehiclesof constitutional authorities without any delay.

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