SRS seeks security, return of J&K labourers stranded in other states amid lockdown

JAMMU, Apr 16: Shri Ram Sena (SRS) on Thursday demanded both Union and J&K Govt to take initiatives to ensure the safety of J&K labourers stranded in other states due to 40 days COVID-19 lockdown.

Shri Ram Sena J&K President Rajiv Mahajan today expressed serious concerns over the hundreds of families that  depend on daily wages, and their sole bread earner is struck somewhere in country in what condition God knows.

“Since it is not possible for us to send any help to them, I take the opportunity to request Lt Governor GC Murmu to kindly ask administration in other states to provide them with basic shelter, food and medical support during this period of crisis,” Mahajan said, asking them to look after the J&K people.

He appealed Govt to take care of such “stuck people” from J&K to reimburse them. There is an urgent need for governments to make elaborate arrangements to reach out to J&K people in other states, who are in need of help.

Mahajan made an earnest appeal to Govts in other states that any person or group of persons from J&K stranded in any part of their state may please be assisted with basic food, accommodation, security.

He demanded J&K government to expedited efforts to help migrants tide over the 40-day period.

J&K Govt, he said, should coordinate with other states and bear full expenses for food and lodging of J&K labourers who are stranded without work and pay. In this regard, he suggested that all the queries must be adequately addressed post ensuring complete follow up and after confirmation from the caller that his/her issue should be resolved.

Mahajan claimed that thousands of Jammu and Kashmir residents, including labourers and students, are stuck within and outside India. The lockdown has made their survival difficult as these include women and children as well. They have sent distress calls to their families.

They have exhausted their earnings and are facing immense difficulties. The plight of these migrant workers, who are unable to pay for rent or food, is appalling. All these stranded people from Jammu and Kashmir want to come back and remain in mandatory quarantine. It is imperative to maintain social distancing but on the other hand, those stranded can’t be left unattended. There is lot of uncertainty among their families.

If the evacuation of these stranded people from J&K is not possible at the moment due to the unprecedented situation, the least government of India could do is to reach out to them with the help of respective state governments where they are stranded in, Mahajan added.

The J&K government should also ask its administration to prepare a database of those stranded within and outside J&K and take up the matter with the respective state governments so that food, shelter, medicines and other necessary items could be provided to them in these pressing circumstances.

Mahajan hoped that J&K Administration will coordinate with the respective State administrations as also concerned district authorities to take effective steps for their return. Till the time this is done, it must be ensured that the stranded labourers get all possible help, he added.

He said the families of these labourers back homes are concerned about their health and wellness.

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