SRS demands timely arrangements for immersion of ashes of deceased persons in Haridwar

JAMMU, Apr 21:  Shri Ram Sena (SRS), Jammu and Kashmir, on Tuesday expressed serious concern over lack of space at Jogi Ghat crematorium to store ashes in lockers at cremation ground where presently ashes of 375 persons are kept and they have a capacity of storing about 100 such small containers of ashes.

Now lockers are full, and the ashes are kept inside a room at the crematorium.

In a statement issued here, Shri Ram Sena J&K President Rajiv Mahajan said that with a complete lockdown in place, remains of over 350 dead bodies kept at Jogi Gate crematorium here, await lifting of lockdown to attain ‘moksha’ (salvation).

In the past 25 days in the city, at least 350 people died but unfortunately their ashes are kept at the Jogi Gate cremation house as the families were not allowed to move out of the district due to lockdown, he said.

As no commercial vehicles are plying on roads due to complete restrictions imposed, the next of kin of deceased persons are unable to carry the ashes for immersion at Haridwar or to Akhnoor and Parmandal, added Mahajan.

Mahajan strongly maintained that as per Hindu belief, ‘moksha’ is must for dead and it is impossible unless the ashes are immersed in water with all rituals. 

He said all these families have stored the ashes of their loved ones at the cremation ground and can immerse only after they will be allowed to proceed to Haridawar.

Mahajan said, “There is a myth in Hindu religion that unless the ashes are not immersed, the dead will not get ‘moksha’. In Hindu belief, a departed soul gains complete peace after the deceased’s ashes are immersed in river Ganga. 

“As per Vedic scriptures and last rites references in religious texts, ashes immersion rituals are deemed to bring salvation if performed at Brahma Kund at Har-Ki-Pauri,” Mahajan added.

Mahajan demanded LG Administration to make special arrangements for timely immersion of ashes to Haridwar and in some cases to Akhnoor and Parmandal so that deceased persons can get ‘moksha’.

Govt should immediately think of providing free transport to all those who have lost their near and dear ones during COVID-19 lockdown to perform last rites of their beloved timely.

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