Shri Ram Sena demands review of JMP-2032 for Jammu city

JAMMU Feb 3: Shri Ram Sena (SRS) on Monday demanded review of Jammu Master Plan (JMP) 2032 for Jammu city saying the prerequisite necessity of both residential and commercial constructions under aforesaid Plan is 20 ft and 40 ft front side road but most of the city areas are highly congested namely Jain Bazaar, Rajinder Bazaar, Lakhdata Bazaar, Mastgarh, Pakki Dakki and even Ragunath Bazaar which don’t fulfill criteria of both residential and commercial constructions but both the constructions in city areas are going on with the help of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC).
Addressing a press conference in Jammu, Sri Ram Sena J&K President Rajiv Mahajan claimed that without reviewing JMP 2032 for Jammu city, it will be difficult to implement it.
Mahajan maintained that keeping in view current scenario of Jammu city roads particularly in aforementioned areas and many more such areas, it is difficult to implement JMP-2032 without revising it so that people of city don’t have to bribe JMC officials to get their site

plan approved.
This review is vital so that JMC could address the issues relating to haphazard urban growth, unauthorized habitation and rising demand of housing, infrastructure and services, he said.
He added that somehow site plans for both residential and commercial constructions are being approved by JMC in return for huge kickbacks and thus badly damaging spirit and guidelines of Jammu Master Plan 2032.
In this regard, Rajiv Mahajan demanded that no new constructions should be allowed until JMP-2032 is revised for Jammu city.
Mahajan maintained that this will help J&K Administration to ensure strict implementation of Jammu Master Plan and to avoid blatant violations in the construction of commercial as well as residential buildings.
Mahajan further said that there is no concept of urban planning and development in Jammu.
“People who are at the helm of affairs have no concept of urban development, which is the main reason for chaos on the streets of Jammu city,” he said.

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