SRS demands insurance cover for truck drivers, cleaners at par with health workers

JAMMU Apr 25: Shri Ram Sena (SRS) on Saturday expressed gratitude to all the people that work in the trucking industry & their families for their continued dedication and support during this time of need.
In a statement issued here, Shri Rama Sena J&K President Rajiv Mahajan said while whole of India is appreciating all the corona warriors which is right and highly justified as they are saving nation by putting their lives at stake in fight against COVID-19, but Truckers have gone unnoticed for the appreciation who are no less than true warriors taking supply of essential items in different parts of country and also to difficult hilly areas under adverse conditions that too without safety equipments.
Just think of about the professional Truck drivers and cleaners making sure you’re comfortable and safe at home during COVID-19 lockdown. Make sure to thank a Trucker as their hard work, customer service, and commitment to safety are what keep life’s necessities accessible, added Mahajan.
As media outlets around the world race to cover vital angles of the coronavirus crisis, much attention has been paid to health care workers and rightfully so.
But in most of that coverage, the work of truck drivers has largely gone unrecognized. If you see a truck driver this week, please thank them. They are putting in long hours, under stressful circumstances, to ensure life’s essentials get restocked. Truck drivers and cleaners are often taken for granted.
But in times like these, we are reminded of their hero status, Mahajan maintained.
Mahajan further said that Truck drivers and cleaners rarely get a break from the job and now with the novel coronavirus there is even less downtime.
A regular day has an 11-hour driving limit, but there could be unloading and loading once a driver is at an assigned destination and that adds on work hours, too.
Long-haul truckers are playing an important role in bringing supplies into J&K, but matter of concern is not enough being done to ensure they aren’t transporting COVID-19 with them. Without truck drivers, the millions of Indians who have been urged to stay at home would be without food and other essential goods. Healthcare workers would be even lower on personal protection equipment than they already are, he added.
At a time when record numbers of Indians are concerned for unemployment, truck drivers and cleaners are experiencing increased demand on their time. Mahajan appreciated them for least caring about getting sick, although their jobs – which require touching shipments that could be contaminated, interacting with others, and going out in public at a time when many lawmakers are urging people to stay home – could put them at increased risk of contracting the virus,” Mahajan said.
SRS President demanded insurance cover for truck drivers and assistants at par with heath care workers who transport essential goods across the country during world’s worst crisis. He added that truck drivers and helpers are feeling scared of their future as they need to visit different areas to ensure that the consignments are picked up and unloaded.

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