SRS demands insurance cover, cash assistance for truck drivers, cleaners

JAMMU, May 9: Shri Ram Sena expressed resentment against the government for not showing its serious concern against the drivers and cleaners of trucks who are playing a vital role in transporting essential goods amid COVID-19 pandemic.
Briefing media persons here today, Rajiv Mahajan, President J&K Shri Ram Sena, said that the drivers and cleaners are also among the frontline workers like doctors, police personnel,

Safaikaramcharis and employees of essential services.
He said the role of all the frontline workers is commendable who are working day and night across the nation in fight against coronavirus.
Resenting against the local administration for not showing its concern towards the drivers and cleaners, Mahajan asked the concerned quarters to provide insurance cover and cash assistance to them in order to ensure their safety against this invisible and unprecedented threat.
“The jobs being accomplished by the aforesaid drivers are very difficult and even life-threatening but the enthusiasm shown by these truck drivers and cleaners is unmatchable and surely deserves kudos from government and the people. The small gesture from government side will go long way in stimulating the desire among these heroes to work more diligently against corona contagion”, he said.
Citing recent incidents of Gurha Morh Bakshi Nagar in which a family of a truck driver are also become COVID positive, Mahajan urged administration to ensure insurance cover for all truck drivers and cleaners carrying essential supplies in various parts of country during Covid-19 lockdown.
He further urged the government to provide at least Rs 10,000 per month as cash assistance to these drivers and cleaners so that they may not feel inconvenience. Most of them are not on the payrolls of the transporters and are on minimum wages, he added.
Mahajan said these drivers are facing acute problem while they are on roads as most of the Dhabas and restaurants are closed due to lockdown and the drivers have no option but to starve. The loading location provides food but enroute no Dhabas are open,” he added.
Mahajan appealed to the government to waive of interests and installments of transporters as most of the heavy weight vehicles are financed by the banks. He also appealed to the people to also express gratitude to these driver who are play a vital role in supplying the essential commodities across the country by risking their lives amid COVID-19 scare.

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