Spike in shoulder related injuries due to sedentary lifestyle: Dr Manit Arora

JAMMU, Jan 31: There has been a spike in shoulder related injuries due to sedentary lifestyle of people, claimed Dr Manit Arora, Consultant, Shoulder & Knee Surgery at Fortis Hospital, Mohali.
There is a need to create awareness about various types of injuries that a shoulder may endure and that it is completely curable with proper clinical intervention.
Dr Arora spoke further about the various clinical facilities available for patients at Fortis Hospital, Mohali for best treatment in shoulder injuries in the region.
There are various causes of shoulder pain including rotator cuff tears and arthritis. However, most shoulders are often diagnosed and treated as frozen shoulder due to multiple factors.
The doctor explained frozen shoulders constitute less than one percent of all shoulder pain. Examples galore when a patient would be treated for frozen shoulder when they have an internal shoulder injury leading to secondary freezing.
“Lack of awareness as well as good diagnostic support results in such poor prognosis as many patients are wrongly diagnosed frozen shoulders treated with physiotherapy and injections for months. Severe rotator cuff tears or arthritis may be the causes in such cases. If detected early, then we can prevent them developing arthritis. This will prevent the need for shoulder replacements,” advised Dr Arora.
On shoulder arthritis, Dr Arora said, “We usually begin with a course of medications and physiotherapy for the mild-moderate arthritis. Those with severe arthritis suffer from regular pain. For these patients,’ the shoulder replacement has helped changed their lives for better. In addition, depending on the case, we do a reverse shoulder replacement which has excellent results and leads to increased movement and pain free life.”

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