Special train carrying army personnel arrives at Jammu Tawi Railway station

JAMMU, Apr 20: Tweeted by @AIRA special train run by Indian Railways for the movement of Military personnel from Bengaluru to Jammu, arrived today at Jammu Tawi Railway Station at 05:00 hrs in the morning.
The train was transporting army personnel from various parts of South India i.e. Bengaluru, Belgaun, Secunderabad etc. carrying around 900 personnel to join back duty on field after completing various training courses.
The special train was received at Jammu station by Chetan Taneja, Station Director, Railways, Jammu along with the Military Personnel. Social distancing was maintained at the station and complete sanitization was ensured before the arrival of the train.
All person were thermal scanned to detect any spread of Covid-19 virus. Personnel along with their luggage were also sanitized on arrival. Further, the Railway Station was again sanitized after the departure of the personnel.

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