Social Activist urges LG to release the wages of all daily wagers


DODA, Mar 25: Today a social activist Mohd Amin Zargar resident of Kastigarh  discussed with Media reporter on several issues of the area in which he highlighted the problems faced due to lock down.

Majority of rural population live under BPL category and theirs hand- to -mouth is depend upon labour works, they did work under MGNREGA in last months and some where work has been stopped or abounded  as precautionary  measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19 .

So the poor labourers are demanded to provide Free Ration for at least 2-3months and release payments of MGNREGA or some special assistance at least 5000 per family for the welfare of poor people. So that they can purchase necessary things/items such as nutrition, medicines for  their families.

Amin requests to honorable Lieutenant Governor JK through the medium of this press release to issue orders to release the wages of all daily wagers , casual workers, MGNREGA and also provides financial assistance to small scale business men .

additionally he demands to early release of payments for all pension schemes which ever has be given by Social welfare department to the registered beneficiaries under different schemes  like, old age pension,  disability, etc.

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