Singer Shaan has come up with his maiden Punjabi track Yakeen

Gurnaaz Kaur
he begins humming the verses in his melodious voice, the diction and pronunciation so clear, you are sure that Shaan has entered the Punjabi music scene with much conviction. His maiden Punjabi track, Yakeen’s lyrics made him fall in love with the words and he knew it was time to take the plunge.
“Kunwar Juneja has written this song and we recently did six songs for my channel. I fell in love with the lyrics of Yakeen from the very beginning. My only apprehension was whether I’d be able to sing it well, since it is in hardcore Punjabi. But he supervised and helped me with accurate pronunciation,” Shaan says.
“I love how beautifully the song is put together and how it describes the power of trust. And how once the trust is broken it feels as if the ground has slipped from under the feet,” he adds.
More the merrier
With many songs in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Telgu, Tamil, Gujarati and Urdu, is this a one-off experiment in Punjabi or should we expect more? “Yes, of course. I always think about how Punjabi artistes’ songs are ruling not just India but also the whole world right now. Punjabi listeners have a huge variety of songs to choose from. Even after that, if people love my work in this new avatar and there is good response, I will surely be doing more Punjabi music.”
Shaan is not just taking his chances in music, but is open to the idea of acting as well. “I have been thinking about it for quite a few years now. I did try my hand at it before in some films, but it didn’t actually work. There have been offers coming in for acting, but now I am taking steps cautiously. I am waiting for a good script before I take this leap of faith.”
Talking trends
All for experimental cinema and OTT expansion, the Chand Sifarish singer says, “Good, creative experiments are always welcome but I feel our industry has become very monotonous, there is a lot of repetition – be it topics, patterns or ideas. Maybe people are more inclined towards sad, romantic songs; everyone is only focusing on that.” Shan thinks it is very important to experiment with every aspect of music — be it composing, ideation, voices, etc. “Music is spread across every corner of the country. It should not make one feel lazy or negative; it should make one feel good, positive and motivated.”
About the farmers’ protest, he opines. “I feel there is something not right. I think people should try to change the system and not the law. Protests during such crucial times of the pandemic are a huge risk for everyone. My prayer is that no one has to bear any loss.”

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