‘RSS didn’t keep word to Sardar Patel on national flag’: Shiv Sena

New Delhi, Feb 27 (Agencies): The Shiv Sena on Thursday accused the BJP of using Hindutva ideologue V.D. Savarkar as a “shield” to play the politics of neo-nationalism. The Shiv Sena also criticised the RSS, the ideological parent of the BJP. Terming the BJP’s love for Savarkar as “fake”, the Shiv Sena said that instead of targeting the Maharashtra government, the state BJP leaders should ask why the Central government, currently under the saffron party, has failed to honour the freedom fighter so far. It also said that if the BJP thought that it could corner the Shiv Sena over the issue of Savarkar, then it was mistaken. “The BJP leaders in Maharashtra declared that they would target the (state) government on the issue of Veer Savarkar.
This makes it clear that Savarkar is not a subject of respect or faith for the BJP, but just a political issue,” the Shiv Sena said in its editorial in party mouthpiece Saamana. “Veer Savarkar is not merely a subject of discussion, but he should be practised in life. Savarkar’s life symbolised sacrifice, principles, radiance and struggle,” it added. “Everyone paid respects to Savarkar on his death anniversary (observed on Wednesday). But those who pretend to remember Savarkar, have they really understood him? BJP says it will corner the government on the issue of Savarkar.

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