Roll back 50 pc hike in liquor price immediately: SRS

JAMMU, Jun 2: Shri Ram Sena, Jammu and Kashmir, strongly opposed the 50 per cent hike in liquor in Jammu and Kashmir and demanded withdrawal of the decision to give relief to common man.
Rajiv Mahajan, SRS President J&K alleged that the unprecedented increase in MRP (maximum retail price) of liquor by 50 per cent was arbitrary, uncalled for and bad in law.
The Jammu and Kashmir administration recently imposed 50 per cent duty on the maximum retail price (MRP) of Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL), imported foreign liquor (IFL), J&K special whisky, beer/RTD and wine/cider.
He expressed deep concern over the rise in liquor prices and demanded their rollback immediate and low down the liquor rate by 50 per cent.
In a Press Conference, Rajiv said the rise in the prices of liquor had a direct impact on the common man’s economy, which was sure to affect the growth rate as well.
He said the Indian economy, which is an agricultural and developing one, was domestically driven and hence the escalation in the liquor prices would badly affect it and the common people in the coming days.
The said 50 per cent increase was beyond the budget of the common man, who was already reeling under high food prices and other economic compulsions due to coronavirus.
He urged the J&K government to roll back the price rise with immediate effect.
Urging the state government to reverse the proposal, Rajiv said the common men was expecting relaxation from the new government, but it shattered their dreams by hiking liquor price.
“The attitude of the government is want to make J&K like ‘Uddta Punjab’,” he said.
Rajiv Mahajan said that if government failed to rollback the decision, the common men in Jammu and Kashmir like Punjab are hooked to drugs and a generation is spoiled.
He also enraged at increase in liquor in CSD canteens across the UT of J&K.
“This decision infuriated the paramilitary forces who work for the security of the nation and LOC and IB,” he said.
“Armed forces personnel is deployed in inhospitable conditions for considerable period of time due to which many of them turn to alcohol so much so that many take it daily though in moderate amounts. This decision of government is not justified at all,” he said.
He said that forces are known for their unity and discipline and such decisions should be viewed seriously. He said there is no benefit of people in the Jammu and Kashmir despite J&K State bifurcated into Union territory as there is no benefit of Union Territory has been reached to the common man.

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