Revoke anti youth SRO 202 or face agitation: NSUI

JAMMU, Jan 31: The Interim State President of National Student’s Union of India (NSUI) Mehran Anjum Mir today said in press statement that the Central Govt and LG Girish Chandra Murmu to revoke Anti Youth, Draconian Policy SRO 202 which was implemented by the PDP-BJP Coalition Govt in June of 2015.
Mehran said that this policy was brought by the then Govt to make recruitments in 3 months on fast track basis but each recruitment has taken an average 3-4 years in its completion.
SRO 202 employees have to undergo a long probation period of 5 years with only basic pay without any single allowances or periodical increments while the non SRO 202 employees are paid handsome salary for same work at same grade.
Mehran Anjum said that highly qualified and talented youth are bring pushed to the dark while facing a huge career stagnation and deprived them of a dignified life.
It violates the values of equality and justice which are enshrined in our constitution. Mehran said that the Govt is reluctant to even implement the recommendations of the Law Commission of cutting the probation period short to 2 years.
Mehran added even after Article 370 was revoked, anti youth policies were continued in the UT of J&K which was a huge setback for SRO 202 employees and appealed the authorities to revoke SRO 202 at earliest or face a state wide agitation by NSUI.
Mehran said that J&K Youth is extremely frustrated, some even have borrowed money from banks at high interest for their studies but highly qualified and talented youth is being given only anger, fear and frustration with a peak level unemployment and flawed recruitment policies in J&K.

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