‘Restore 4G internet in Jammu to help fight COVID-19’: Mahajan urges Amit Shah

JAMMU, Mar 25: Shri Ram Sena on Wednesday sought immediate restoration of high-speed 4G internet services in Jammu. Rajiv Mahajan, State President of Shri Ram Sena on Wednesday urged Union Home Minister Amit Shah to restore high speed mobile internet  as a part of preventive measures against the spread of corona virus in Jammu.

In a statement here, Mahajan observed that restoration of 4G mobile internet services in Jammu would enable people especially the students to remain engaged inside their homes, thereby effectively containing the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Mahajan said that since all the educational institutes are closed in Jammu the students have been left with no option but to remain idle in their homes which have a telling impact on their future.

He said that as COVID-19 spreads at an alarming rate. The issue is particularly severe for schools, where the risk of spreading the disease is high. As many Jammu schools have shifted to online lesson plans, home restricted students are running into the limitations of mobile internet services, which leave most of them unable to connect to their new online classrooms or download lesson plans,” Mahajan remarked.

He said that since all Schools, Colleges and Universities are closed as a result of coronavirus outbreak, millions of students are missing classes, creating an “unparalleled” education disruption in the Jammu region.”The people are being advised to work/study from home, but this is impossible with 2G internet speed and limited fixed line internet penetration. I would, therefore, request you to restore 4G internet services in Jammu at the earliest to ease the suffering of the people.

Similarly, he said that the business community and a large section of the people who are working in the private sector are unable to do their businesses. Mahajan expressed hope that the restoration of high speed mobile internet will go a long way in easing the situation not only for the home confined students but for the business community and those working in the private sector. The chorus for restoration of high-speed 4G internet services on mobile phones in Jammu has grown in the wake of the detection of the first case of coronavirus in the Jammu.

The government in a recent order said the low speed internet will continue in the Union Territory till March 26 “in the interests of sovereignty and integrity” of the country. Mahajan appealed concerned authorities to immediately review the decision as unconfirmed reports and messages by rumour mongers can deteriorate the situation further as people are already restless in wake of fast spread of Corona virus pandemic. In that case high speed mobile internet services will enable them to get updated with Govt’s guidelines and directions from time to time and also to enable students community to focus on their studies using high speed internet facility.

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