PoK mentioned as ‘Azad Kashmir’ in Madhya Pradesh Board’s Class 10 question paper

BHOPAL, Mar 7 (Agencies):: In what can trigger a major political controversy, Pakistan-occupied Kashmir or PoK was mentioned as “Azad Kashmir” in a question paper for class 10 in Madhya Pradesh. The question paper was set by the Madhya Pradesh board for social science subject. A picture of the question paper showed the term “Azad Kashmir” was used in “Match the pair” section. PoK Referred to as ‘Azad Kashmir’ in J&K Government’s Recruitment Exam Paper.

The term “Azad Kashmir” is often used by Pakistan to regard part of Kashmir under its occupation. India, however, calls the region Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. International organisations and media mention Jammu and Kashmir as “Indian administrated Kashmir” and PoK as “Pakistan-occupied Kashmir”.

On several occasions, New Delhi has reiterated that entire Jammu and Kashmir, including PoK, is an integral part of India. In the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir, 24 assembly seats were reserved for Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

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