No Friday prayers to be held in Kashmir tomorrow: Grand Mufti Nasirul Islam

SRINAGAR, Mar 26 (Agencies): Kashmir’s Grand Mufti Nasirul Islam on Thursday said that Kashmir is heading towards a disaster and there should be no Friday prayers in any masjid of shrine in Kashmir tomorrow as “we are heading towards a disaster.”
Talking to agencies, Islam said tomorrow, there should be no Friday congregational prayers in any masjid or shrine across Kashmir. “We are heading towards a disaster,” he said. “My humble appeal to people of including Imams and Khateebs and managing bodies of all masjids and shrines across Kashmir is not to hold/organize Friday congregational prayers. It is for our safety and Islam allows it.”
He said there should be no violation of the directions issued by him. As far the mandatory five times prayers a day, Mufti said that only three people including the Muazin of masjid should offer five times prayers in the masjid, rest of people should offer prayers at home given the way pandemic is spreading in Kashmir.

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