New domicile policy an insult to Jammu: Bhardwaj

JAMMU, Apr 3: The latest move of the BJP-led Central Government enlisting new definition of domicile and thereby reserving only the lower grade jobs for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir while throwing open the rest to a nationwide competition, is a step in continuity to humiliate and embarrass the people and in particular the youth.
First the demotion of the state to UT and now yet another downgrading in the matter of employment is totally uncalled for and unacceptable.
Stating this senior Congress leader and member AICC, Mohinder Bhardwaj has said that the BJP and its led Government has once again shown their true chameleon like qualities of making false promises and changing colours.
Demanding that the UT of J and K be given a new domicile status on the lines of some North-Eastern states and Himachal Pradesh, he questioned the BJP’s central and state leaders, “you have been spreading falsehood ever since August 5 last year that a Himachal like policy wherein rights over land and jobs are protected was in the pipeline. Where is that policy and what happened to your promises?”
Describing the Union Home Ministry’s notification in this regard, he said that it has come as a deadly blow to the youth of Jammu and people at large.
Lambasting the local BJP leaders for describing the move as fulfillment of the aspirations of the youth, he said that they are committing another crime after series of lies they have been speaking over the months. The notification as well as the response of the BJP leaders is an insult to the injury of the youth.
“Show guts and publically criticise this notification and pressurize your leaders to withdraw it or else be prepared to face wrath of the people particularly that of the youth, Bhardwaj warned.
Referring to the notification he further said that it has created more confusion than assuaging the already hurt feelings of people. It clearly shows that the neither the Centre nor the state leadership of the BJP is interested in the well-being and development of Jammu despite the people having wholeheartedly supported them in last three elections and the new notification should act as an eye-opener for the people also.
Bhardwaj observed that the new notification that came in the dead of night when the people of Jammu were under lockdown and fighting coronavirus outbreak with economy coming to a stand-still, is inspired by the BJP’s political agenda that entails using Jammu and Kashmir to further its national ambitions. It is apparent that Jammu and Kashmir and particularly Jammu are not in their scheme of things.
“Where has your promise for creating 50,000 jobs for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir gone? How would you fulfill this promise by reserving only the lower grade jobs for them? The BJP leaders owe an explanation on these counts to the people and at the same time apologize for false promises made after August 5, 2019, he said.

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