Narendra Chanchal, the Bhajan King of India, passed away after prolonged illness. Celebrities pay tributes

When you think of bhajans and jagratas, the first song that comes to the mind is ‘Mata ne bulaya hai’ and the person credited for all the fanfare around religious music was Narendra Chanchal. Today, as he passed away in Delhi after prolonged illness, the 80-year-old Bhajan King of India is being remembered by his friends and fans alike for his contribution in the field of music.
Anup Jalota, who is also known for his performances in the Hindu devotional music, is shocked at the news. Having worked with Narendra Chanchal, Jalota says he was a very kind man. “Narendra Chanchal was not only outstanding in bhajans and playback singing but his biggest contribution is that he provided employment to lakhs of singers. He is the one who actually started a new field of singing mata ki bhetein. So many people suffixed Chanchal to their names such as Suresh Chanchal, Ashok Chanchal, Prakash Chanchal so that people believed in their singing talent and these people then started getting programmes.”
Few of his famous songs in movies
Beshak mandir masjid todo—Bobby
Main benaam ho gaya— Benaam
Baki kuchh bacha to mahangayi maar gayi—Roti Kapda Aur Makkan
Tune mujhe bulaya—Aasha
bulawa aaya hai, mata ne bulaya hai—Avtaar
Do ghut pila de Saqia—Kala Suraj
Huye hain kuchh aise woh hum se paraya—Anjaane
The recipient of an award for Beshak mandir masjid todo from Bobby, he created buzz as recently as last March when he came out with a bhajan, Kithon aaya Corona. For so many singers, he was an inspiration. Master Saleem, deeply saddened by his demise, shut himself in his vanity and took a break from shooting for more than an hour. He says, “I started singing bhetan (bhajans) in the first place because I was inspired by Narendra ji. I cannot believe he is not among us anymore. We have lost a gem. I cannot find words to say goodbye to a beautiful soul like him.”
Chandigarh-based singer Jashan Singh was close to Chanchal. As he remembers the popular bhajan singer, he says, “It was a blessing to have him around. The car (Mercedes E class) I drive was originally owned by Narendra ji. He was a star in his own right. There’s a lot I learnt from him and I am really sad to know he is no more.”

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