Ministers came and left without meeting people: Bhardwaj

BISHNAH, Jan 28,: Senior Congress leader Mohinder Kumar Bhardwaj has questioned the logic behind the troupe of central ministers swarming Jammu and Kashmir particularly the neglected and troubled border areas and ended up making a laughing stock of themselves in public eye. Their visit, the air sojourn at the cost of the public money, was conceived on fallacious grounds to hoodwink people of Jammu and Kashmir in the name of development which neither exists on ground nor was in any manner reflected from the actions of these ministers.
Addressing an impressive public function here, Bhardwaj said one of the ministers inaugurated a stadium only repeating the exercise which had taken place in the past on many occasions. It is ironic that he left in a huff without interacting with the people of the area and listening to their woes, the similar story has been repeated by other ministers who visited different parts of the Union territory, he added.
Describing the exercise undertaken at the behest of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as and meant only to hog headlines, he said that people have already seen true colours of the BJP led central Government and the state dispensation which only touts lies in the name of development and ameliorating peoples difficulties. It would have been better that the ministers visiting this border town had shown courage to see plight of the people and listen to their problems. But perhaps the power hungry BJP leadership has no concern for the people which has once again been confirmed by the minister visit, he said.
Bhardwaj said that the biggest story unfolding is the Panchayati Raj system coming to a total stand still. Not only are the Panchayat’s non functional due to Governments apathy on account of lack of funds and delegation of powers to the elected representatives of the people, but the state administration has been insulting them whenever they approach them with their respective areas problems, he observed. This is how BJP has strengthened democracy at grass root level in Jammu and Kashmir, he ridiculed. Further describing 36 Union Ministers flying visit as gross misuse of public Money as it is has served no purpose Bhardwaj demanded that the center and the state administration should clarify on the motive of thee visits and give details of the money spent and purpose achieved.
Speaking on the occasion, Hari Singh, District president of Congress said that farmers in Jammu region are facing the worst crisis witnessed in the recent past on account of multiple failure of their crops due to vagaries of weather. Their plight has been worsened by the indifferent attitude of the center and state Government who have offered the suffering peasantry nothing but hollow promises. Referring to the multi crop failure during the last year, Mr. Hari Singh said that farmers were expecting a bumper rabbi crop of rice but untimely heavy rains and windstorms dashed all their hopes. In the same manner the wheat sowing season has also been destroyed due to untimely rains as a result the farmers have become helpless and finding it hard to make their two ends meet.
Hari Singh wondered that as to why has the state administration looked the other way and turned a deaf year to the demand of the farmers to adequately compensate them for the losses suffered by them.
Speaking on the occasion Ashok Kumar Dubey, member of JKPCC expressed shock that the administration woke after long and conducted a survey of losses suffered by the farmers but only after consisted pressure built by the Congress and farmers themselves. Dubey said that what came out as a result of this survey is ridiculous and insulting to the farmers who have suffered heavy losses. The measly sum of compensation announced by the administration is commendable and has further hit the dignity of hardworking farming community.
Others who spoke at the occasion were Kailash Saini, Councillor Municipal Committee Arnia, Krishan Saini Block President Congress, Diwan Chand Khajuria, Vijay Kumar, Tara Singh, Ghansham Sharma, Pritam singh, Sushil Kumar, Surinder Singh, Kirpal singh, Subhash Chander, Raj Kumar Saini, Prem and M.A Bhatti.

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