Minimally access surgery reverses paralysis of 77 year old man

MUMBAI, Jan 31: 77-year-old Rahul (name Changed) with completely paralysed legs revived successfully through minimally access surgery at Breach Candy Hospital.
Initially he was unable to sit, stand or lie supine on bed and all his movements were completely restricted. The complications for Rahul started 3 months back when he fell on his back. Though he was normal for the first two months of the fall, but suddenly he started developing weakness in hid lower limbs that gradually progressed to a complete paralysis (paraplegia).
Upon being admitted to a private hospital, he was managed with conservative medications. With no progress, his daily life only worsened with restricted and painful movements.
“The patient was brought with the complaints of paraplegia and decreased sensation in both his lower limbs. On Neurological examination, Upper and Lower limb Power was Grade 5/5 and 0/5 respectively, along with the presence of pleural effusion (water in the lungs) and Deep Vein Thrombosis in both legs. Upon detailed investigations, MRI showed hyperintense lesions in his backbone with severe compression in the cord, and X-rays were indicative of a fracture. As the patient’s condition was worsening in pain, he had to be immediately operated to decompress the cord and fix the fracture,” said Dr Arvind Kulkarni, the treating doctor.
Appropriate discussions were made among the surgeons before planning the surgery, keeping in mind the poor general condition with associated co-morbidities of the patient. Though the surgery was minimally invasive, the patient needed a long segment fixation (percutaneous screw) and tubular decompression for stabilization. The team successfully performed the minimally access surgery and post operatively; the patient was shifted to ICU for monitoring. This newly advanced technology provides surgeons high quality imaging and enhances the patient’s quality of life. Within two days the patient had recovered very well with no signs of pain and was able to sit with assistance and mobilize on wheel chair.
He has gradually started his limb movements and feels completely gratified during follow ups” added Dr Kulkarni.

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