Media one of most adversely affected sectors due to COVID-19: Rajiv

JAMMU, May 27: Media has been one of the most adversely affected sectors due to the COVID-19 pandemic with a significant decline in advertisement revenues.
This was stated by Rajiv Mahajan, J&K president Shri Ram Sena while quoting a research report of the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry here on Wednesday.
“Media has been one of the most badly affected sectors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The print media has lost significantly in circulation and also suffered huge advertisement revenue loss. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused mass disruptions to the nation’s economy, its trade, industry and the lives of citizens. There is no industry or sector of the economy that has been left unaffected by this wave,” Mahajan said.
“This falling advertising revenue trends are expected to pose a significant threat to the industry as advertising is a prime source of revenue for the media,” he added.
In the hour of crisis, J&K Information Department has also playing a vital role by adding fuel to the fire, he said.
“Shocking but it’s true. J&K Information Department has not treated the print and electronic media as a part of ‘Essential Services’. While the Ministry of Home Affairs has marked that the Newspapers is a part of Essential Services but some J&K Government officials due to lack of knowledge,” he said.
Mahajan said a Treasurer of J&K Information Department denied that the Print Media has not comes under Essential Services, rejecting the orders of Ministry of Home Affairs and are not ready to clear the pending dues of newspapers which have already facing crisis due to COVID pandemic. He emphasized that since the COVID-19 has outbreak, the country has witnessed recession resulting in lakhs of people have been lost their jobs due to downfall in the business sector.
Mahajan said that the Jammu based newspaper industry has whole-solely depends on the advertisements issued by the J&K Information Department but it’s unfortunate that despite available of funds the department has not releasing payments which may be create more unemployment in Jammu.
“We urge the government to direct the officials of Information Department to clear all outstanding payments of the entire media industry at the earliest,” Mahajan said.
This move will provide the much-needed relief to the industry, which has played a pivotal role in creating jobs and spreading awareness during the crisis of COVID-19, and yet has been grappling with cash crunch and are unable to pay the salaries to their employees, who have been the frontline warriors, he said.

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