Lt Guv Murmu has outbeaten political govts: Harsh

JAMMU, Mar 19: Hailing the announcement of Free Health Insurance cover for all 1.25 crore residents of J&K, Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and former Minister on Thursday said that the decision of SAC headed by the Lt Governor, G.C Murmu had come as a pleasant relief for the people especially the economically weaker and marginalized sections of J&K.
It’s a monumental decision in so far as it would benefit the entire populace as against all earlier schemes which benefitted only some selected few, said Singh. It’s probably the first scheme in any State/UT whose benefits would became available to all irrespective of their social, economic or political status and that too conceptualized by a non political government and the Lt Governor and his administration deserves to be complimented for such a novel proposition which is a most befitting tribute to a welfare state”, observed Singh.
Asserting that the ‘Ayushman Bharat-PMJAY’ in J&K had failed to fulfill the objectives of the scheme in view of non coverage of lakh of poor and indigent sections of society within its ambit, the new scheme had come as a great succour and solace to the affected families assuring them the much needed relief.
He said that there had been thousands of complaints from almost every District where the otherwise eligible persons and other economically weak had been denied access to the ‘Ayushman Bharat’ scheme due to unfair surveys and faulty preparation of lists of beneficiaries.
The neglect of genuine cases had created huge resentment amongst the bonafide aspirants against the govt which however found a positive affirmation from the Lt Governor thereby addressing their peculiar predicament, added Singh.
While the decision is praiseworthy, its implementation part shall have to receive a focussed attention of the helmsmen, maintained the NPP Chairman.
He pointed out that several welfare schemes in the past had failed to achieve their objectives and ultimately collapsed for want of effective monitoring mechanisms. He revealed that even in erstwhile govts, the rulers had been assuring free Health care so as to fulfill the pious wishes of constitution framers as enshrined in the Directive Principles of state policy forming part of Indian constitution.
They however floundered and neglected in honouring their commitments due to lack of will and poor vision, said Singh.
Hoping that the new Health policy would benefit one and all without any bias or prejudice, Singh called for periodic reviews of its progress so as to ensure its effective and efficacious implementation. He expressed the hope that all other political govts in the country would take cue from the people friendly initiative of Lt Governor’s regime.

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