Lack of Auditorium facilities forces local artists to strive hard at Rajouri

JAMMU, Feb 24 (Agencies): There is a lot of talent in the Pir Panjal region, especially if we talk about district Rajouri, and due to rapid increase in the competition in the field of art and culture particularly, the level of enthusiasm among the youth is becoming higher day by day owing to that the students of the city and around the vicinity particularly want that place where they can easily practise, perform and exhibit their talent and further utilise that talent for their future course of actions and for that a well equipped auditorium is the best place to start with where one can go and achieve their goals in the field of theatre.
According to the information gathered by The News Now, one such building has been made nearly 10 years ago in the premises of Pahari hostel Rajouri but for the last couple of years the auditorium building is not being maintained owing to that there are many drawbacks in that like the hall is not properly maintained with no audio – video system, chairs and sitting arrangements.The toilets haven’t been cleaned and remain without water.One can see huge dumping of garbages filled with polluted water around the building.The sources informed that there is nothing look like auditorium in that building.The roof and walls of the building are getting leaked making the whole structure worse day by day.
“If we talk about Rajouri town in terms of an auditorium, the situation is totally different because there is no such type of auditorium in the town.”We don’t even have a single Auditorium in the city of kings called Rajouri. Rajourians have lot of potential, calibre to lead anything to next level.We want a proper stage like in Jammu or other big cities in india to showcase our unique talents”, said Miss Rabia Chowdhary, Social Activist.
“It is a need of the hour.It would also help young blood to channelize their energy if they provided with well equipped and modern auditorium.But due to lack of such modern facilities in the town, the local aspirants are force to move towards other cities like Jammu, Delhi, Mumbai to showcase their art, performances and talent”, added Mr.Vishal Pahari, Director, Rangmanch Theatre Group, Rajouri.”I have been associated with many national organizations of theatre, art and culture and also want to organise National Drama Festival in Rajouri but due to lack of auditorium facilities, i can not invite them to perform here.So, we urge to district administration to renovate the same to retain the art of local artists”, he further quoted.
“Talent need opportunity and opportunities need platform and auditorium is the premier platform which gives an opportunity to all sort of artists whether they belong to theatre , cultural, folk or fine arts category.Without having auditorium in Rajouri is very ironical that artists are striving hard and not able to exhibit what they are possessing”, quoted Mr.Vikrant Sharma, Former secretary, Student Cultural Council, Jammu University and further urged to DDC Rajouri that there should be a well equipped auditorium with one big hall which would fulfill or cater the demands of the local artists mostly those who are going to choose theatre as their profession.
Talking exclusively to The New Now, Mr. Mohammad Nazir Sheikh, DDC, Rajouri said that he is working on it and also assured to kick start the renovation work of auditorium very soon.

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