Judicial, electoral reforms impractical when 43% MPs have criminal background: MPEJ

JAMMU, Mar 20: Kuldeep Kumar Rao an active member of Movement for Peace, Equality & Justice, in a press release issued here said that today on 20th March, the four convicts of the Nirbhaya rape and murder were hanged to death at Delhi’s Tihar Jail. It is the victory of the poor people of the country in general & the women of the country in particular and it happened only because of Media & society.
Rao commenting on the most burning issue of giving time bound & severe punishment to the rapists in the country, has expressed great wonder that most of the criminal laws prevalent in the country are back dated to the British India, which the Britishers had framed to suppress the voice of poor people & the successive centre governments have followed the same path because they all are one & the same share holders in Corruption & rape cases in the country.
He said that it was only when the Delhi rape victim has awakened one and all in the country including politicians & Parliamentarians in 2012. We feel ashamed on our legislators in the parliament as to why they are seen crying hoarse outside the parliament instead of making time bound & severe deterrent laws for rapists in the parliament.
They only discuss non-issue in the parliament to polarize the society, creates conflicts between various sections, faith, regions and castes keeping eye on votes only and nothing else. He cautioned the general public all over India that all traditional Political Parties want to polarize the society, creates conflicts between various sections, faith, regions and castes keeping eye on votes only and nothing else. All traditional Political parties are one and the same share holders in corruptions & rape cases in the country so the time bound investigation & speedy trial & punishment to the rapist is not possible. Despite the outcry over the crime and the government’s promise to deliver quick justice the case had meandered through courts for more than seven years. We cannot expect Judicial & Electoral reforms, time bound investigation & speedy trial & punishment to the rapist, and whereas there are 43% MP’s of different Political Parties are of criminal background in our Parliament & how can they frame laws against them.
Rao further said that after the fast track court for “Nirbhaya” rape & murder case, it took more than seven years for justice because of a weak judicial system in respect of rapist’s punishment.
All the four rapists who awarded death punished today were playing with the law like a football because of the nature of law have too much loop holes. It is a matter of great shame for the BJP Central Government

that during Delhi elections, CM, Arvind Kejriwal has been blamed for delaying the death penalty for 4 rapists in NARBHAYA case where as the police & law & order is with centre government, how BJP Government can blame others only for votes.
The need of the hour is Judicial & Electoral reforms in Parliament, but is not possible in this corrupt political system where 43% MPs’ of different Political Parties are of criminal background.
He further said that there is big list of Bureaucrats, Ministers, Politicians and others who are involved in many heinous acts and there is no provision to punish them. In our country culprits are being shielded because they are functionaries of one or the other party. The statements of some public servants at the top level regarding rapists that we cannot hang the culprits but compensate it is perhaps the reflection of the same.
Does compensation mean that one’s life and honour can be restored and does it mean that such misdeeds can checked, we do not think so, it will mean that rich can do anything at the force of his wealth and poor man’s life and honour is always at stake.

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