JKMTCA demands facilities at Transport Nagar to run transport business

JAMMU, Apr 19: S. Gajan Singh Khajuria President J&K Motor Transport Companies Association ( JKMTCA) today while reacting to countrywide relaxation in Covid-19 lockdown and particularly to Transporters demanded amendments in circular in this regard in J&K. Speaking to media persons in Jammu, Singh said that while we welcome relaxation to movement of transporters, but there are serious reservations in the circular of relaxation to transport industry.
He said Govt has decided to open spare part and repairing shops only alongside Highways without letting any shop opened at our main activity centre Transport Nagar Narwal. He said those vehicles which are unfit to move from transport Nagar can’t move to highway for repairing nor can they manage mechanics to Transport Nagar which means that despite relaxation, they won’t be able to operate. He demanded Govt to review decision in this regard and allows opening of spare parts and repairing shops at Transport Nagar to facilitate Transporters.
Singh also demanded eatables especially Dhabas which have been allowed to be opened alongside National Highway should also be allowed to be opened in Transport Nagar also as those who arrives at transport Nagar will have to approach Highway for lunch or tea wasting time and energy. He further said that though Petrol pumps will also be opened from tomorrow, yet there is no provision for filling air in tyres and also lack puncture making facility and demanded same be restored on all petrol pumps. In this regard he demanded same facilities at Transport Nagar to avoid any inconvenice to transporters who are already under extreme pressure amidst nearly one month lockdown.
Meanwhile Singh urged government to restore the high speed internet services in Jammu and Kashmir so that business and educational activities get push amidst lockdown. He said government should restore 4G internet services in Jammu Kashmir as the COVID-19 spreads within the country and across the globe, which is pushing many activities online. Restricting internet speed and making it harder to access information online is directly countering the global fight against COVID-19, and the government should restore unfettered access to the internet immediately so that the Students, business community and also the government establishments of J&K will get connected virtually. At a time when the education department has started online classes for students across Jammu and Kashmir since March 26, high-speed 4G internet remains elusive across the Union territory.

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