International fair of Baba Chamliyal will not celebrated on this year due to amid lockdown after outbreak of corona epidemic: Billu Choudhary

SAMBA, Jun 25: The annual Fair of Baba Chamliyal will not be celebrated on this year due to amid lockdown after outbreak the corona epidemic at Sector Ramgarh in District Samba.
According to the report, this has first time in the history when the Chamliyal Fair is cancelled due to nationwide amid lockdown. The Baba Chamliyal Shrine is situated at village Chamliyal near the International border in sector Ramgarh of District Samba. The temple is totally locked and no any movement of devotes inside the said Shrine. Although on this year the annual fair of Baba Chamliyal will not be celebrated on June 24 due to corona epidemic. Every year the devotes of state and outside the state were came in this Shrine to take the blessing of Baba Chamliyal Known as Daleep Singh Manhas on the eve of annual fair, but this year the Baba Chamliyal fair will not celebrated.
People say that, pilgrims from Pakistan are not permitted to cross the border of India and Pakistan, every year they assemble at the Saidanwali village, situated on the international boundary. Before the war between India and Pakistan in the year 1971, Pakistanis were permitted to visit India’s side of the boundary and It was reported that Mela Chamliyal is organized to commemorate Baba Dalip Singh Manhas each year in the month of June in the Chamliyal village in ramgarh sector.
Giving information to the news now correspondent Billu Choudhary Chairman of Baba Chamliyal Shrine Committee told that every year Baba Chamliyal fair was celebrated in this shrine but may be this year it fair will not celebrate. We are with District administration and Government. When the lockdown started but same day the Baba Chamliyal shrine has totally lock and no any movement inside the temple. Only priest of this shrine to come in this shrine to performed Pooja. First time of the history the Baba Chamliyal shrine is closed.
He also said that the tradition has of our village, on this year, only three or four people of this village will offer the Chaddar in this shrine on June 24 and we will never to break the tradition of our village. It is first time the fair will not celebrated. Although the temple has been fully sanitize.
Baba Chamliyal, after whom the village is named, lived about 320 years ago and is revered by the people of all faiths. The shrine is barely one and a half kilometers from the Zero Line. Up to 1971, Pakistani nationals were allowed to come to this side of the border to pay obeisance at the shrine and offer Chaddar.
Fair Continues for three Days in Pakistan
In the village of Saidanwali on the Zero line of the Pakistan side, people arrange a 3 days Mela and wait for sacred ‘Sharbat’ and ‘Shakkar’ of the Dargah of Baba Chamliyal.
Pakistan People Waited Sharbat and Shakkar from Dargah of Baba Chamliyal
In Saidanwali village on the Pakistan side, people waited for the sacred ‘sharbat’ and ‘shakkar’ from the dargah of Baba Chamliyal in Chamliyal village in Ramgarh sector of Samba.
When does the fair on Baba’s Chamliyal Dargah
The Mela called Baba Chamliyal Mela is usually celebrated on the fourth Thursday of June every year. People from outside state come in the Holy Dargah of Baba Chamliyal to show their gratitude in the Shrine and enjoy the Baba Chamliyal Mela.
Baba Daleep Singh Manhas Lived in Village Dagh
According to the experts, two hundred years ago Baba Daleep Singh Manhas Lived in Dagh village near the International border in Ramgarh Sector. He was worked to treat Skin disease. Saidawli (Now in Pakistan) somebody cheated him and cut his throat. It is said that his head fell right there. While taking the horse to his torso, village Chamalial came to this side. There people made a mazar in their memory in Village Chamliyal. After his death, when people become victims of chambal disease one day Baba told his disciple in a dream that after applying soil and well water from his place, chambal disease would be cured. As soon as this method was adopted, people suffering from the said skin diseases started getting benefits. Since then people have increased faith here.

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