Install Maharaja Gulab Singh statue at Kunjwani Chowk: Vikramaditya

JAMMU, Jul 31: Former MLC, Vikramaditya Singh urged the Government not to create any controversy over the installation of the statue of the Founder of Jammu & Kashmir, Maharaja Gulab Singh at Kunjwani Chowk, Jammu.
He said that it is a matter of respecting Dogra pride and identity and fulfilling aspirations of people of Jammu region. The Government had committed to this several years back and had also given repeated assurances on this to the people of Jammu region.
In a statement issued here today, the former MLC said that a suitable piece of land was identified for the purpose at Kunjwani bypass many years back and a signboard was also put up there indicating the site for the installation of the statue.
Vikramaditya said that the government had allotted the rotary to install the statue of Maharaja Gulab Singh, but since then many hurdles came in the way such as widening of the road and restructuring of the rotary however, now that the site is ready. The Government must erect the statue and fulfill their commitment to the people of Jammu.
He added that political and social elements having personal motives and ill-intentions are creating unnecessary controversies and hurdles, such elements must not be allowed to diminish and side-line the Dogra identity and pride.
Vikramaditya said that no other personality could match the charismatic statesmanship and herculean contributions of Maharaja Gulab Singh for the State and the Nation.
He further said that without wasting any more time, the Government should clear the matter and give directions to authorities concerned for the early installation of a statue of Maharaja Gulab Singh at Kunjwani Chowk in order to fulfil this long pending demand of people of Jammu & Kashmir.
However, the Former MLC also emphasized that he was not against the installation of a statue of Banda Singh Bahadur and the Government should find an alternate location or rotary for its installation which can be easily done, so that people from any community may not feel isolated.

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