Inflation, unemployment hallmark of BJP rule: Harsh

JAMMU, Jun 22: Questioning the imposition of frequent cesses and duties on petrol and diesel in quick succession one after the other, Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman-JKNPP & former Minister said that such extortionist moves of the government had operated very harshly upon the marginalized sections of the society and the lower middle classes.
“The increase in the costs of petrol and diesel on day to day basis was highly unjustified and atrocious in view of the said prices having already reached their peak. And all this despite a precipitous fall in the global prices of crude oil the world over. The decline in global prices had not only been neutralized but petrol made further costlier by levying additional taxes and cesses thereby creating nationwide resentment against the BJP led government. More importantly, the increase in taxation at a time when the people were facing worst economic distress due to Corona pandemic, only revealed the insensitivity of the govt”, said Singh while addressing a press conference here on Monday.
Accusing the BJP govt of filling its own coffers at the cost of the common man and denying the benefits of declining prices which had naturally accrued to the economically weaker sections, Singh said that it had most shamelessly betrayed the sentiments of the marginalized sections across the nation.
Not only was petrol and diesel being provided at exorbitant rates by the present regime, the prices of other essential commodities like cooking gas and eatables had also sky rocketed during the BJP led government, maintained Singh.
The vegetables, the pulses, foodgrains and other items of day to day use had witnessed steep rise in their prices thus making the life of common man miserable. The rates of cooking gas were increased many times in the past thereby making a mockery of free gas connections scheme launched by the centre.
“While the cost of living multiplied many fold due to inflationary tendencies, the government had failed to generate avenues of livelihood for the people. The last few years had witnessed increase in unemployment rate and huge retrenchment in the government as well as private sector. Inflation and unemployment had become the hallmark of BJP government with the people and marginalized sections bearing the brunt of policy paralysis of the present regime”, asserted Singh.
Calling for roll back of the increase in petrol and diesel prices, Singh said that increased fuel prices would have a cascading effect on the prices of all other commodities.
Rajesh Padgotra, Provincial President (Jammu)-JKNPP, Surinder Chouhan, District President Jammu (Rural)-JKNPP and Rakesh Verma, Sr. leader-JKNPP were also present in the press conference.

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