How Vikram Bhatt hacked his actors

Vikram Bhatt is a man who is known for his novelty in stories and now, he has used a unique narration style for his film Hacked by recording the entire narration process with the actors without them knowing about it. Soon, he delivered the tapes to them to freak them out. It was TV star and Bigg Boss contestant Hina Khan at the receiving end of it who was completely spooked when she received the tape.

It gave her a sense of the story and what it feels like being watched without her consent. “I want the actors to get the feel of the film right from the word go. It’s one thing to hear something and read something but another to experience it. We had hidden cameras set up in my office to record the actors and my interactions with them during the narration. Later, when they saw their reactions, they were in absolute shock. And that’s exactly what we wanted to do. It gave them a realisation how it feels to be watched without their knowledge. We are all being watched. People are not fully aware of the extent of it. Hacked is about horrors of real life,” confesses Vikram

Hacked is the story of a young boy’s obsessive love for an older woman. The film explores the toxic facets of the virtual world and its impact on people and their privacy and releases on January 31.

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