H&ME Deptt revokes appointment of Dr Sanjay Bhasin as HoD Surgery

JAMMU, May 15: Health and Medical Education Department on Friday revoked the appointment of Dr Sanjay Kumar Bhasin as HoD Surgery.
According to an order issued here, Dr Nasib Chand Digra, HoD Surgery has been appointed as Principal GMC on April 28, 2020. In order to ensure that the clinical care of the patients in the Department of Surgery, GMC Jammu does not get effected and that the academic roster duties of both the gazetted and non-gazetted staff are properly maintained and also that other routine works in the aforesaid Department are properly carried out, it is essential to designate an Academic Head (Head of the Department) for the Department of Surgery, GMC, Jammu.
“The Medical Council of India guidelines provide that a Professor in any Department can be designated as Academic Head /Head of the Department and in the absence of a Professor in any Department, a confirmed Associate Professor in that Department can be designated as Academic Head/Head of that Department and whereas, at present there was no confirmed Professor in the Department of Surgery GMC, Jammu,” an order said.
“There is only one confirmed Associate Professor namely Dr Zahur Hussain, in the said Department but he is junior to both Dr Sanjay Kumar Bhasin and Dr Ratnakar Sharma who, though Incharge Professors, are only confirmed Assistant Professors and they could not so far be confirmed on the posts of Associate Professor/ Professor because of a Court case pertaining to a seniority dispute between them. Further, confirmation of Dr. Zahur Hussain on the post of Associate Professor has been made subject to the superior claim of both Dr Sanjay Kumar Bhasin and Dr Ratnakar Sharma,” it added.
Under such circumstances, neither Dr Sanjay Kumar Bhasin nor Dr Ratnakar Sharma can be designated as Academic Head/ Head, Department of Surgery, GMC, Jammu, the order stated.
Now, therefore, in the interest of patient care, the Financial Commissioner ordered that Dr Nasib Chand Digra, Principal, Government Medical College, Jammu, shall also hold the charge of Head, Department of Surgery, Government Medical College, Jammu, till further orders.

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