Govt hospitals lacking basic medicines, ill-equipped to deal with coronavirus: SRS

JAMMU, Mar 13: Shri Ram Sena (SRS) J&K on Friday demanded Lt Governor G.C Murmu tomake elaborate arrangements in Government Hospitals and elsewhere also to dealwith coronavirus especially after three deaths have been reported from Leh. Addressinga press conference in Jammu today, Shri Ram Sena J&K President RajivMahajan said that J&K hospitals are already facing shortage of essentialbasic medicines and doctors and other paramedical staff are ill equipped todeal with coronavirus.Addingfurther, Mahajan said that we don’t require mere hospital buildings and relatedinfrastructure which are of no use without deputing expert doctors and relatedstaff. Inthis regard, he said that we have one of the best hospital buildings at SuperSpecialty Hospital Jammu which had built at the estimated cost of RS 600 croresbut unfortunately it don’t have at least six specialist doctors what to speakof other hospitals including primary and territory hospitals.Mahajanlamented that even needles and thread are not available for stitches what tospeak of availability of life saving drugs. He urged LG Administration in sucha scenario one can easily understand how much we are prepared to deal withcoronavirus which has already taken thousands of precious lives worldwide.Hedemanded LG Murmu to hire faculty of expert doctors from others states and alsoengage unemployed doctors not only to deal with coronavirus but also otherpatients who visit these hospitals for recovery. Hesaid that there is strong nexus between Govt hospital doctors and Privatehospitals outside J&K UT who are even referring most of the patients tothese private hospitals having full treatment in J&K just for the sake oftheir commission.Takinga jibe at claims of LG Administration that they are fully prepared to deal withcoronavirus and that there is no need to panic, Mahajan ridiculing the claimssaid that when J&K Govt hospitals have failed to cure Dengue whosetreatment/medicine is easily availablein market and most of the patients had to visit private hospitals fortreatment, on what basis they are assuring people of J&K that there isnothing to worry when their past record is already in public domain. Healso alleged that critical care ambulances are not available in hospitals andif few which are available flatly refuses to cross Lakhanpur forcing needypatients to hire private ambulances which fleece patients owing to strong nexusbetween them govt hospitals doctors who pretend non-availability of criticalcare ambulances in Hospitals forcing patients to have private ambulances tosave their lives.Hedemanded LG Murmu to order an enquiry into such a mess prevailing in Govthospitals in J&K and why even basic medicines which are meant to be freeare not available in Govt hospitals. He alleged that the free medicines meantfor hospital supply are being sold out outside resulting in immense sufferingsto poor patients who are hugely dependent on Govt hospitals for treatment. Hedemanded LG to gear up hospital administration to deal with corona virus beforeit becomes epidemic in J&K especially rise in more cases in couple of daysamidst lack of proper medicines and required faculty besides dishonest doctorsand administration who are earning handsomely by selling out these medicinesoutside at the cost of lives of poor patients.

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