JK Govt hikes road tax of old vehicles, fixes rates of different categories


JAMMU, Jun 2: The Government today increased the road/ token tax on the old vehicles registered before August 3, 2019 with the concerned Transport authorities but kept them out of the purview of 9 % road tax of the cost of the vehicles, being charged for the new vehicles.

It was a strong demand of the transporters, auto-dealers and the trade & business organizations of the J&K to withdraw controversial SRO-492 of 2019, dated 01-08-2019 or at least make some amendments in it. There was steep fall in the sale of auto-mobiles in J&K after this order and auto dealers suffered massive losses. They were pressing for reduction in the rate of token/ road tax (9%), being imposed on the new vehicles by the J&K Government.

Again, there were several bottle necks / issues with regard to levy of tax on old vehicles and also those purchased from outside J&K, which were not cleared in the said SRO. The Transport bodies were constantly exerting pressure on the Government and the J&K Transport Department to issue a clarification on the matter.

Today, the J&K Transport Department vide its Notification No. 183, partially modified the SRO-492 of 2019 without changing tax rate of 9 % on new vehicles, purchased after 01-08-2019; but clarified that all those motor vehicles registered prior to issuance of SRO-492 of 2019, shall be charged fixed road/ token tax in quarterly, half yearly and yearly/ annual installments, as per the category of the said vehicle.

It has been further clarified by the J&K Transport Department that for the registration of the vehicles registered/ brought from other States or Union Territories, the road tax shall be levied at the rates notified vide SRO 492 of 2019, which is again 9 %, on pro-rata basis. It will be corresponding to the remaining life of the vehicle purchased from outside.

A senior official in the Transport department said that the Administrative Council had recently resolved the problems of transporters / vehicle owners regarding re-registration of old vehicles and the issue of road tax payable. It was decided that the road tax of the old vehicles, purchased before August 1, 2019 shall be charged in fixed quarterly installments online , without the owner having to visit the office of the Registering authorities/ RTO offices. It would also save them from trouble, especially during COVID-19 threat.

Moreover, procedure of re-registration of vehicles brought from other states/ UTs and charging of road tax has been rationalized/ simplified. This could be a great relief to the transporters and vehicle owners of J&K as all bottle-necks have been removed and they would be able to make on-line deposit of road tax through a transparent system as per new rates specified on the Transport department website, he added.

The official further said that road tax on the old vehicles will not be charged at the rate of 9 % but it is slightly up than the rates being charged earlier. He said even there is hike in the rates of tax for the vehicles brought from outside. But the long pending issues have been resolved with new Govt Notification No. 183 issued today.

As per notification, the quarterly road tax for the motor cycles registered up to 03-08-2019 will be Rs 200, bikes with side car Rs 300, Motor cars up to 14 HP Rs 300, Motor cars above 14 HP Rs 1000, Buses other than commercial purpose with capacity not less than 8 persons and not more than 21 persons Rs 1200, buses not less than 22 persons and not more than 33 persons Rs 1500, buses with capacity of 34 persons or above Rs 2000; commercial buses with capacity up to 21 persons will be Rs 1200, buses with capacity between 22 to 33 people Rs 2000 and above 34 persons Rs 2200; quarterly rate of tax for Taxi/ Auto-rikshaws up to 5 persons will be Rs 500, more than 5 persons Rs 750 and trailers Rs 500.

In goods category, vehicles with registered unladen weight up to 1000 kgs the Q-tax will be Rs 800, exceeding 1000 kg up to 3600 kg Rs 1800, weight between 3600 to 8100 kg Rs 2000 and vehicles with registered unladen weight exceeding 8100 kg, the quarterly tax will be Rs 2200.

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