Glorification of slain terrorists to seize forthwith: SSP

JAMMU, Jun 26: Lt Gen PS Mehta, (Retd), Military and Political Advisor Sainik Samaaj Party (SSP) and Principal Advisor United Democratic Alliance (UDA) JKUT, urged the Central Government and Lieutenant Governor JKUT for initiating strict measures and administrative steps against glorification of killed terrorists.
“Such glorification has been openly vented both during NC and PDP regimes individually by the party when in power and/or either when in alliances,” he said and added, “Wherein JKP was also tacitly ordered to hand over their bodies to the local Maulvis etc; who in turn were led by massive gatherings of Awaam to include Jamaites and Hurriyat members along with terrorist brandishing guns openly and firing in the air. This process was formalized to assuage emotional wave against the SF and India as also to ensure an upper hand towards the so called Azadi ploy hatched by Pakistan and ISI.”
“Terrorists are not freedom fighters, they are rouge’s who are merciless and brain washed for evil designs wherein they adopted Robinhood adventurism by exploiting simple rural people to include men, women and innocent youth for their nefarious agendas,” he said
These terrorists, he added, basically are discarded unsocial elements as well as criminals whose only aim is to exploit the innocent Kashmiri Awaam as also being motivated by their handlers to achieve their ultimate orgy with 72 Hoors awaiting them in Jannat.
No religion teaches people to kill human beings on the earth to attain their ultimate prize in the Jannat and to copulate with the so called hoors, he said.
Towards this deliberate agenda, he said, the government should ensure that no corpses of the slain terrorists be handed over to anyone including their parents, since they are not above law.
The obnoxious policy directions of providing double scholarship to the wards of the slain terrorists by the radicalized political parties NC and PDP should be scrapped forthwith and such scholarships already granted must also be stopped immediately, he demanded.
Instead the scholarships should be granted to the wards of the Martyrs of Armed Forces belonging to JKUT, he said.

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