Former MLA Kishtwar failed to fulfill commitment: Bhandari

KISHTWAR, May 29: A prominent youth leader of District Kishtwar Joginder Bhandari has strongly criticised the Former Minister and Ex-BJP MLA Kishtwar Sunil Sharma for its failure to fulfill its commitment which he had made with the youths of District Kishtwar when he became the Power Development minister of erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir state.
Bhandari said that the former BJP Minister was committed to provide employment to 22000 unemployed youths in Pakal Dul, Keru and Kawar hydroelectric projects but he failed to fulfill his commitment which he had made with the youths of District Kishtwar.
He blamed the former Minister Sunil Sharma for having partnership with AFCONS Company where he has engaged their own men and machinery through his close associates.
The employment in AFCONS Company of Pakal Dul hydroelectric project is being provided on the recommendation of the said BJP’s former Minister, said Bhandari.
He said brewing resentment is prevailing among the deserving un-skilled, semi skilled, skilled and highly skilled youths who are being denied employment in the project on the instance of former BJP Minister Sunil Sharma as the AFCONS management consider only those persons one who happens to be the close associate and recommend by the said former minister.
Bhandari warned the management of AFCONS Company to provide First priority of employment to local deserving unemployed youths without any politics failing which the unemployed youths of District Kishtwar will be forced to launch agitation against the AFCONS management.
He urged the Chief General Manager Pakal Dul hydroelectric project Mr. P. B. Jain and higher ups of CVPPL to direct the management of AFCONS to provide employment to local unemployed youths of the district on priority bases.

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