February 14 – Pay tributes to martyrs, ignore celebrating Valentine Day

JAMMU, Feb 11: Shri Ram Sena (SRS) today called upon the people of the country, especially living in J&K, to pay tributes to Pulwama CRPF martyrs and ignore celebrating Valentine Day on February 14th.
“it was on February 14th in 2019 that around 50 CRPF Jawans were martyred in suicide attack on J&K highway at Pulwama and in the process they rendered a great sacrifice for the nation”, SRS President Rajiv Mahajan had said in a statement here.
This day has a special importance for countrymen as it reminds them about the sacrifices made by security forces on the borders and in the hinterland of the border state of J&K, he said adding that instead of celebrated Valentine Day on February 14th, people belonging different castes and religious groups should pay tributes to such brave men who are defending country men at the cost of their own lives.
Valentine Day is basically a Western tradition and unfortunately it is increasingly becoming popular in some cosmopolitan cities of India. It is usually called Saint Valentine’s Day and his recognized as a significant cultural and religious and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world. However this is not usually welcome by all Indians, the vast majority of whom live outside major cities and remain more conservative and their urban cousins.
SRS chief said that most of the modern Indians still remain a conservative society especially when it comes to social norms concerning love and marriages. Therefore, marriages in India for arranged only when

families, communities, castes and horoscope match, he said adding the youngsters in our country are an investment for the better and planned future of the elders and the society is petrified of what according to them is ‘unconventional romances’.
He said that Indian culture has survive for more than 5000 years because it is flexible, inclusive and our evolving. It has welcome everyone with open arms and made them its own. Today, we need to revive the same spirit of tolerance and inclusion and thus following the traditional concepts cure the venom of hatred spreading so rapidly across social and communal strata.
He urged the people of the country, especially those living in J&K to remember this day of 14th February as ‘Sacrifice Day’ and thus not only pray for the departed but also find ways to help the families of the martyrs.

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