Family members of frontline medico also tested +ve; family alleges Health deptt’s negligence

JAMMU, Apr 2 (Agencies): In a glaring example of the casual approach adopted by the health department of J&K UT in dealing with the cases connected to coronavirus suspects, the family of GMC doctor of department of microbiology, the frontline medico who was tested Covid positive on Sunday, comprising his old and ailing parents was not given the due attention.
According to details, the GMC doctor was tested for Covid-19 on Sunday and thereafter false and misleading statements were issued to media on the same night while the medico was informed on Monday that he has been tested positive. Subsequently, colleagues and other staff members were also tested on Monday and were found negative. Despite, the adverse result of GMC doctor, his family comprising four members was not subjected to testing for coronavirus rather it was put under quarantine leading to loss of precious time as his mother is 67-year old diabetic patient with history of cardiac ailment and a solitary kidney and the father is a 75-year-old retired police officer.
What was agonizing on the part of health department was the fact that inspite of repeated requests by GMC and his family members, the helmsmen manning the Covid-19 containment process didn’t budge rather opted to conduct the aforesaid test of the PSO of doctor’s father on Tuesday. It was only on Wednesday when the family protested, the officials came into action and conducted tests of the GMC doctor’s family, which subsequently were also adverse.
What is astonishing is the fact that had the tests been conducted on Monday itself the treatment would have been started three days before. The whole gamut needs serious retrospection by the UT health department, which is currently holding the responsibility of containing the COVID-19 contagion and providing treatment to infected lot as soon as possible.

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