Evacuate J&K ‘Mazdoors’ held up in other states: Harsh

JAMMU, Mar 29: Referring to the pathetic plight of several thousands of laborers and other poor daily wagers held up in other states in most distressing conditions, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh chairman JKNPP and former minister today appealed the Lt. Governor to ensure their safe evacuation and return to their homes. He said that these poor laborers were working in various states including Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka etc. and wanted to come back home in the wake of lockdown imposed across the country in view of Covid-19 pandemic. “They had hardly any food to eat and were languishing in various states devoid of suitable accommodation and healthcare. If at all their quarantining was needed, it could be arranged by the state govt. in their respective areas or at the specified places within J&K. Their plight as such immediately needed to be addressed and adequate arrangements made for their safe transportation” said Singh.

Harsh Dev Singh said that while the govt. had provided state sponsored aircrafts for the evacuation of several others from various pandemic hit areas and ensured their safe transportation to their native areas, the denial of similar facilities for the poor laborers was highly unjustified. “Bringing them back in the present scenario wherein entire transport system had been grounded was therefore the responsibility of the govt. Get them back and keep them in isolation for the specified period within J&K to the satisfaction of health authorities. But neglecting them at this crucial juncture would be highly unjust. It was not only these poor laborers who were suffering but their families had also become restive and living under acute stress” asserted Harsh.

Harsh Dev further appealed the Lt. Governor and the central govt. to take immediate steps for evacuating the J&K residents so that the distressed class was saved not only from the ferocious pandemic but from starvation as well. He called for taking up the matter with the concerned states on top priority.

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