DLL celebrates National Girl Child Day

JAMMU, Jan 24: The Department of Lifelong Learning (DLL), University of Jammu celebrated National Girl Child Day here today with the objective to raise awareness about the rights of girls, discuss various atrocities and inequalities that girls face in their daily lives and to increase awareness about the importance of girl education, nutrition, and health.
Among those who were present at the occasion included Dr. Kavita Suri, Director and Head, Department of Lifelong Learning, Dr Priyanka Sharma, Dr Vivek Sharma, Dr Pallavi Sachdeva and Dr Sandeep Singh, all Assistant Professors, DLL and Dr Rewa Khajuria, Counselor, EIAB, DLL. All the students of second and fourth semesters of MA Rural Development participated in threadbare discussions on various issues surrounding the girl child.
Dr. Kavita Suri, Director and Head, Department of Lifelong learning, University of Jammu who is also former Member, Jammu and Kashmir State Commission for the Protection of Women and Child Rights, J&K govt discussed in detail about the objectives of celebrating National Girl Child Day. She said the day was started in the year 2008 when the Ministry of women and Child Development, Government of India decided to organise this day each year aiming to highlight the issues about girl child.
Dr Priyanka Sharma, Dr Pallavi Sachdeva and Dr Sandeep Singh also discussed various issues including discrimination faced by the girl child and women at their homes, workplaces and in daily lives. Even now, women face gender discrimination in many ways not only in the village but also in the cities, they added.
The students of both the semester participated in the discussion which brought out various issues faced by the girls in the society. The students shared their views and said that girls have been facing discrimination and violence in every aspect of life since ancient times. Now, it is time to give them their due rights. The participants also discussed that the government of India has brought several acts and made several amendments in the constitution to bring equality in society. They all agreed that if the attitude of the society has to change with regard to the girl child, it has to start from their families.

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