DFSS holds protest against terrorist attack at Nagrota

JAMMU, Jan 31: The workers of Dogra Front & Shiv Sena (DFSS) under the leadership of president Ashok Gupta held a protest against the terrorist attack at Nagrota Toll Post.
Gupta said that this is a cowardly attack which just shows how baffled Pakistan has footed after the removal of Article 370 & 35-A.
He further stated that Terrorists have attacked the Amarnath Yatra at least 3 times in 2000, 2001 and 2002, killing at least 54 and injuring at least another 105 people, including at least 38 unarmed civilian.
He said that Prime Minister Modi is fighting with the foreign terrorism send & sponsored by Pakistan and in the contrary he is fighting with the anti nationals of SHAHEEN BAGH, Bombay Bagh and the so called thinking of Jamia Millia.
Gupta appealed to the opposition parties that rather than just playing politics over the issues which solidifies the countries security they should support the government as the nation as a whole and the security of its citizens is paramount.
Gupta appealed to the Chief of Defence Staff that once in for all Pakistan should be finished as this nation will never mend its ways of sending terrorists to India. Rakesh Kumar, Dinesh, Sham Lal, Govind Ram, Ajay Kumar, Bantu, Romesh, Ravi Kumar and Prem were also present in the protest.

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