Dentist refutes rumours of being tested Covid-19 positive

SRINAGAR, Jun 8 (Agencies): A renowned dental surgeon Dr Zahoor Hussain Mir has refuted rumours on social media about him being tested positive for COVID-19.
As per Dr. Zahoor, some people and dental surgeons are spreading false news about his clinic and his family.
He added: “My superiors are well aware that I am with Sampling Team CMO SGR since last three months.”
“My clinic name is making rounds in social media which is against the law. I feel discrimination against the health workers, professionals at various levels. I am thankful my superiors who gave me chance to serve the humanity in this pandemic. I would prefer to die while working on front line rather than on death bed.”
Dr Zahoor appealed govt to take note of the matter and initiate action against rumour mongers to prevent further humiliation of the health workers.

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