Crores of rupees looted on material in RDD

KISHTWAR, Jun 12: A few days ago a new went viral on social media related to RDD Chhatroo and Abdul Rashid and after this people came to know that how some influential people misused government money for their own purposes.
Suresh Kumar Senior Executive Member (J&K) Anti-Corruption Foundation of India said that I hear a news about “Inderwal (A) vendor scam” whereat the vendor looted crores of rupees from RDD Department.
He told that, “I congratulate the people that they warned the culprits, administration and raised their voice against corruption”.
He further added that, we hope that the LG UT of J&K and Kishtwar administration will take strict action against the defaulters and asked the Chhatroo administration that how under their nose a big Scam happened.
He stated that Pyt Inderwal (A) in Block Chhatroo have shown unlimited works on papers, but in the village, nothing has been done at the ground level, but in the name of iron, sand, Cement, crores of rupees were looted from government, cheated people and make hindrances in the developmental works.
He strongly recommended that, firstly there should be action on Abdul Rashid, on whose name this account, Bank Account must be fully checked and investigated and then the Official, political leader, PRI who involved in this scam should be arrested as soon as possible and strict action should be taken against them so that it becomes an example in future.
“Our team is working under the leadership of Narendra Arora who always fight against corruption and we assure the people of Inderwal (A) our team is ready to walk with you shoulder to shoulder” he maintained.

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