Covid 19: One doctor among 11 positive cases reported in Jammu

JAMMU, May 20: 11 positive cases of Cornavirus have been confirmed in Jammu province on Wednesday, whereas three cases are from Jammu including one doctor from Trikuta Nagar area of Jammu city.
Pertinent to mention here that on Tuesday there were twenty-eight people, including three pregnant women, were tested positive for COVID-19 in Jammu and Kashmir, taking the number of cases in the Union territory to 1,317, while one more person died due to virus.
In an advisory, the government has observed that use of gloves in public spaces is not a recommended or proven prevention measure against COVID-19; wearing gloves in public spaces does not replace the need for hand hygiene, nor does it offer any additional measure of protection against the COVID-19 virus than hand hygiene.
Gloves do not provide complete protection against hand contamination, as pathogens may gain access to the hands via small defects in gloves or by contamination of the hands during glove removal. People can also transfer pathogens from one surface to another by touching with gloved hands or even transfer pathogens to the mouth, nose, or eyes if they touch their face with gloved hands, the advisory added.

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