COVID-19 affected defence forces in limited numbers: CDS Gen Bipin Rawat

NEW DELHI, Apr 26 (Agencies): Coronavirus has affected the three services in very limited numbers and the discipline and patience of the armed forces’ personnel have helped in preventing its spread there, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat said on Sunday.
“COVID-19 has affected the three services in very limited numbers. In the case of the Navy, there was one person who was affected and we found that he was asymptomatic for a long time and kept associating with other fellow sailors. But the moment it was detected, the Navy has been very quick to react and ensure that the spread does not take place any further,” he told agencies in an exclusive interview.
General Rawat said because of the quick reaction, Navy was able to control the spread of this menace. “So, I think because of this quick reaction, the Navy was able to contain the spread of this menace. The fact that they have been quick to control the spread, I think the credit does go to the people who took prompt action. I would once again say that this is the discipline and patience which has helped us in preventing the spread of the menace,” he said.
26 sailors were placed in isolation after testing positive for COVID-19 at INS Angre earlier this month.
“The twenty-six sailors who were placed in isolation after testing positive for Covid-19 at Mumbai, belong to INS Angre, a shore establishment. There has so far not been a single case of COVID-19 onboard any ship, submarine or air station of the Indian Navy,” Indian Navy had said in a press release.
The Navy said it remains “combat-ready, mission-capable and is in full readiness to partake in the national mission to fight the pandemic as well as to provide support to our friendly neighbours in the IOR”.

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