Covid 19: 30 % salary cut for MPs including PM, Cabinet Ministers for 1 year; MPLAD fund suspended for two years

NEW DELHI, Apr 6 (Agencies): Unuon Cabinet has approved 30 % Salary Cut for MPs including PM, Cabinet Ministers for 1 Year; MPLAD fund suspended for Two years.
As per details with agencies, All Member Parliaments said yes to decision of making a cut of Salary and also agreed principally to suspend MPLAD (Local Area development fund of MPs) for next Two years.
All these funds will be issued to fight against Coronavirus.
Even the President of India and Vice President have decided to take 30 percent cut on salary.
Sources in Administration told agencies, Centre Government has not give any instruction to State Governments on Salary Cut for Legislators but they can themselves issue Instruction like this at this difficult time to generate for more fund.

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