Couple commits suicide after death of their child

SRINAGAR, Apr 24 (Agencies): Amidst the coronavirus epidemic, Naib Subedar, posted in Jammu Kashmir Rifle Regiment, hanged himself along with his wife on Thursday evening. The sensation spread as soon as the accident took place at the Army Campus located in the city’s Cantt Police Station. As soon as the information was received, the local police officers reached the spot and started investigating.

According to locals, the couple’s 3-month-old child died on Thursday morning. In this sorrow, the parents committed suicide. Police said that Subedar Jitendra, along with his wife Sarabjit Singh, swung on the noose in his official residence. His 3-month-old baby died in the morning. The husband and wife were saddened after child’s death. Both had not talked to anyone since morning. In the evening when his partner reached his house to meet Jitendra, his door was closed. When no one came out after giving voice for a long time, senior officials were informed about it.

An investigation by the police station police revealed that in 2015 too, the four-year-old child of Subedar Jitendra and his wife Sarabjit Singh died due to illness. On Thursday, their only child was killed and both of them were deeply hurt. At present, the dead bodies of both have been sent and sent to the medical college for post-mortem.

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