Congress terribly shaken with BJP’s public outreach programme: Raman Suri

JAMMU, Jan 24: “Terribly shaken by the back-to-back visits of Union Ministers in Jammu and Kashmir as part of the public outreach programme, Congress is unable to digest this public-connect programme that is bringing Government at the doorsteps of commoners. This programme is not only pinching opposition but also making them blind towards public issues, that are being addressed in a phased manner by the government”. This was stated by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) State Executive Member Raman Suri, who today lashed out at Congress for misleading people and describing the visit as mere tours.
Suri said during their 70 years of rule Congress grabbed land, made money, issued licenses of colleges and coal blocks to their blue-eyed boys and now, when far away from such gimmicks, BJP is getting connected with masses, Congress is seeing ground slipping beneath it’s feet.
He said BJP is building a connect with people, sensing their pulse, reaching out to masses, educating them about programmes and policies, listening to their grievances, spreading message of peace and development, bringing governance at the doorsteps and ensuring development of villages. This all is shaking Congress, that is without any programme or policy and is unable to convince people because of the kind of corruption it had unleashed during its tenure. Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Union Government’s policies electrified all villages and now, the next target is to ensure tap water supply in each house. Congress couldn’t ensure such basic amenities even in 70 years. Raman Suri said that in 1947, Congress took oath of office by sacrificing over lakhs of people during partition but, BJP abrogated Article 370 without hurting even a single soul.
Raman said, the statement of Congress Chief in Jammu that Ministers’ visits are just tours is highly condemnable and he must first get his party cleared of the corrupt, who have looted public money, grabbed land and have done nothing for the return of peace in Jammu and Kashmir.

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