Congress Control Room Jammu receives donation of over 1000 masks

JAMMU, May 18: In view of the COVID- 19 pandemic, Congress Control Room Jammu, received a donation of more than 1000 face masks from Anoop Gupta, General Secretary DCC in presence of Congress Control Room Incharge Yogesh Sawhney and Neeraj Gupta, Secretary PCC.
The masks will be further distributed among the masses, especially people who serve on the frontlines.
Congress Control Room, Jammu has been maintaining a strategic management of relief distribution among the people since the lockdown began.
“In order to cope with these times, we have to be prepared. These face masks will be distributed, free of cost, among the residents of Jammu to keep them protected from coronavirus. There should be no shortage of masks during the continuing lockdown”, said Sawhney.
Anoop Gupta, who donated the masks, expressed his concerns regarding the worsening conditions of the virus in J&K as well as across the nation stating that people have to come together and support each other now.
Yogesh Sawhney also said, “Masks are a safety measure. People, going out, should wear them all the time. But this is not a permanent solution, so people should follow all health advisories regarding this virus.”
He encouraged people to stay at home as much as possible, and strictly adhere to the guidelines issued by health organisations.

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