Congress asks Govt to ensure hassle free movement of stranded persons

JAMMU, May 7: Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) on Thursday alleged that the government is not in a position to facilitate the return and ensure the movement of the stranded people whether they are labourers, students or others in and outside J&K.
Addressing a joint press conference at PCC Hq here today, chief Spokesperson of the Party Ravinder Sharma and Incharge PCC Control Room Jammu Yogesh Sawhney asked the government to ensure hassle free movement and provide permission to people who are intending to travel to their native states, as announced by the GoI.
They stated that UT administration had promised to grant permission and facilitate the return of labourers and others who apply as per prescribed procedure.
Likewise those belonging to J&K stranded outside like labourers, students and others and intending to return from different parts of the country were also advised to apply to the prescribed authorities as per notifications.
They were asked to come after due permission but the party’s control rooms including at different levels are flooded with reports and complaints that the intending travellers are not getting any positive response to their efforts and requests for permissions, which has created confusion and desperation amongst the applicants.
“The Control Room organised by PCC in Jammu headquarters, Srinagar as well as district level have been receiving numerous reports and complaints from people that their process of acquiring permission is very inefficient as many people are not being granted permission to travel to their homes. The laborers, too, have complained that they are without food and ration and can’t sustain on their own. The response from the government authorities has been very poor, the people have complained. Consequently, these people feel harassed due to the government’s negligence, the students and laborers alike,” stated Sawhney.
He also alleged that the laborers and the poor people stuck far away from their homes are suffering the most. Media reports that they have started to their homes on foot because they have neither money nor food for sustenance. The authorities and the government is not cooperating with them.
Sawhney urged the UT Administration including the L-G and Chief Secretary to intervene and assure that the system is efficient and is able to resolve people’s grievances in a timely manner.
“People reaching out to the Congress Control Room are asking for help to receive permission from the government to return to their homes. Therefore, we urge the authorities to oversee the timely disposal of their requests and the nodal agencies to work properly to ensure their safe return, “added Sawhney.
For those who are unable to pay their fare for rail travels, Sawhney stated that the party is more than willing to pay on their behalf, but it is on the authorities and government to give them permission for their movement.
JKPCC members also urged the people to apply to nodal agencies and offices for their safe return as per the government notifications and simultaneously appealed to the government for relief and timely response to their applications and grievances, and also asked them it is made sure that they have sufficient ration and food, until their returns.
On the security front, the Congress leaders lauded the forces for their success to eliminate the top ranking militant and his associates yesterday and praised the valour of our forces.
They extended full support to forces in their efforts to eliminate the terrorism from the soul of Kashmir but regretted the huge loss being suffered by the forces in the increased terrorists activities and cross border firing by Pakistan.
Suresh Dogra Chairman OBC PCC, Neeraj Gupta Secretary PCC, Anoop Gupta General Secretary DCC, Rickey Dalotra PYC Secretary and Ram Mangotra were also present in the press conference.

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